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How to cure Erectile dysfunction naturally

What is erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man does not get an erection or is unable to keep an erection for sexual intercourse.

Many a times, an underlying major problem like heart disease or diabetes could be the real reason for erectile dysfunction in a man. Hence it is essential for go a medical examination in case of repeated complaints regarding lack of erection.

A general mode of action of all cures for Erectile dysfunction is quite the same:

Relaxing smooth muscles in the penis
Increasing blood flow in the penis
This ensures an erection
There are several medical interventions and treatments available for erectile dysfunction. These are:
Penis vacuum pumps, hormone replacement therapy, constriction rings, vascular surgery, suppositories, Injections and oral erectile dysfunction medications like pills.

But, let us discuss the natural routes in greater details.

Drink ample water:

Water detoxifies the body, flushes out the toxins and maintains optimal levels of all the nutrients in the body. It is essential to drink 12 cups of water every day to maintain most advantageous running levels of the body.

Communicate with your partner:

Communicating sexual problems and concerns with the partner reduces the anxiety and discomfort. It also reduces the embarrassment, guilt and shame associated with the condition and helps build an intimate bond between the partners.

Improve blood circulation:

Deep breathing and simple, less time consuming meditation helps calm down the system. This helps in maintaining a perfect balance between adequate blood inflow and slower blood outflow.

Lifestyle changes:

A better, balanced and disciplined lifestyle is required for perfect harmony between all bodily functions. These simple lifestyle changes can help the male partner to gain improved control over the erections and sexual activities.


Workout burns unnecessary fats, sweating helps you detoxify and breathing helps you maintain balanced blood circulation. All the three are achieved when one exercises. It is commonly known that exercises help in restoring lost sexual activity thereby acting like a natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

Less intake of cholesterol:

A disciplined diet and balanced meal can lead to several good results including a healthy change in the sex life and improved erectile function.


There are a few exotic herbs which are known to reduce impotence and improve libido.

Rhodiola rosea: a few hundred milligrams of this herb have shown to increase libido and increase erectile function in middle-aged men

Tongkat ali: a simple herb from Malaysia has also been recommended by many for its positive manifestations in terms of erectile functions

Red Panax ginseng: this exotic herb when taken 900 milligrams daily has shown to improve erectile function.

Increased intake of Zinc:

Deficiency of zinc has been found to be one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction. A daily intake of 15 to 30 mg has shown to give positive results and considerable improvement in erectile function.


Nitric oxide found in the blood stream typically relaxes blood vessels around the genital areas. This nitric oxide is a metabolised product of L-arginine which is found in meat and poultry products and sea foods. Hence the intake of meat, poultry and fish is essential in increasing blood flow the penis and thereby an improvement in erectile function.

Cut down the stress levels:

It is important to relax and reduce stress. Stress is known to be a big contributor to erectile dysfunction. Hence it is essential to be happy and life a healthy and balanced life.

Apart from these specific natural routes, there are a few vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements that boost sexual function, libido and help reduce impotence and erectile dysfunction. But the most important aspects of treatment are a balanced diet and regular exercises.