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How to Gain Weight The Healthy Way

This article will provide you the healthy way to gain weight. I know what it feels to be skinny and light weight and especially when you see those guys with bulky physiques hanging around with girls that you once wished to be with… muscle no girl..attaboy…let’s begin with basics as you will definitely find the rest on the internet but basic is what many people do not discuss and you end up spending your money on weight gainers but nothing happens as it all gets drained…..A famous saying is “you must only eat what you can digest” in your case its exactly what you need to do….just keep reading…

The food intake that you consume should consist of high energy foods for each meal or you may have to take an extra portion. Here is what you can do: –

At breakfast once you are done with the cereal goes for a whole grain toast and whip it with peanut butter or almond butter which ever you like.

Lunch time should include a pasta salad with added tuna, avocados etc; and if you plan on having a potato salad then go for extra mayonnaise and some boiled eggs.

Go for 3 high energy snacks: – They are

  • Dry fruits are a must that needs to be packed if you have plans gaining weight.
  • Go for a banana smoothie with milk powder and ice cream.
  • Grainy bread with avocado is definite inclusion.

Now it’s time for some healthy fats: – Not all fats are healthy as you know and some may even lead to increase in cholesterol increasing you chances of suffering from a heart attack.

  • Avocado is a must in your diet; it should be included in salads and sandwiches.
  • Intake of healthy oils such as olive oil, canola oil, avocado or rich barn should only be included in your diet.
  • Deserts, dry fruits
  • Pack in some low fat dairy products and the lean meat is recommended here so that you do not consume saturated and unhealthy fats.