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How to handle male menopause?

Women are considered as the one who goes through changing hormones. As they grow old, the hormones in their body go through a change affecting their sexual and personal health. But, there are few males who go through this phase. It is never expected for a man to go through this phase but it happens.

As a man doesn’t go through menopause, also known as periods in women, it is also referred to as androgen, low testosterone in ageing male. A Man who’s growing old does get low testosterone but this can also be the result of diabetics. Unlike in women, who completely lost hormone production, men don’t get it. In men, it declines with age.

It is caused naturally. Though, some might get it due to the illness like obesity, dementia and depression. This can also be caused by the diseases affecting your lungs and heart. With these diseases, your production of testosterone can also get affected.

The symptoms of the menopause in men are very much similar to that of women menopause. The only difference being that these symptoms are of less intensity. The common symptoms include joint and muscle aches, fatigue, hot flashes and night sweats. In men, they also suffer from depression, mood swings, listlessness and irritability.

Men might feel uncomfortable to speak about the menopause they are going through but those who know like to seek an immediate solution to it. For that, they often go for testosterone replacement theory. Like in women, in men also the testosterone is replaced to bring back the activities back in his body. But this treatment doesn’t help to treat the erectile dysfunction.

Male menopause might come to anyone at any given point. It is important that you understand your body well. These kinds of changes would be common with age but then you should either learn to live with it or get the treatment done. Treatments have their own drawbacks. Make sure that you speak to your doctor before it. Also, when you’re going through it, consult your doctor for better options.