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How to handle premature ejaculations?

People have a misconception that premature ejaculation is a disease; clarifying it, it is not. Premature ejaculation can happen to anyone and at any given point of the day. It is a situation when you come in the middle of the sexual pleasure or before reaching to the climax.

Some say that young men face it more and as they grow, they learn the ways to control the premature ejaculations. But recently it was found that this can be even found in middle-aged men. There are certain ways through which you can control the premature ejaculations.

Normally, premature ejaculations take place when you are going to attempt intercourse. It is better that before the premature ejaculation treatment you can opt for oral sex or other means to satisfy your partner. In some cases, it was found that premature ejaculations have happen way before foreplay mere with the excitement of sex. This is called as primary premature ejaculation and there should be treated with mental health care professionals.

One of the easiest ways is to keep on breathing during sex. It is true that we breathe always but during sex you have to breathe in and out deeply to keep your body relaxed and help your mind to control ejaculations. There is a technique called, squeeze technique, in which you squeeze the tip of the penis whenever you are feeling like ejaculating.

Also, some say that masturbating before the sex helps them to control the premature ejaculation whereas few say it doesn’t work. You can give it a try and see. Some also follow stop and start technique where they stop whenever they feel like ejaculating. And once they are relaxed, they again start it.

In some case trying out different positions help men avoid premature ejaculations. It is also believed that wearing condom helps you to deal with it. Condom is anyhow recommended when you are involving yourself in a sexual activity with anyone.

Even after following on these methods if you face it then don’t hesitate to approach your doctor and talk about it. Remember, this is not a disease and anyone can have it. It is important that you’re aware about the ways on how to deal with it.