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How to maintain your mental health

At times we throw ourselves at work just to keep ourselves busy. We ignore things which are to be looked upon. We start worrying on small things and keep thinking we aren’t spending enough time with ourselves. This is the stage where you are thinking too much and over exerting yourself thinking about something which is worrying you deep down.

But try and listen to that weak voice inside yourself which is telling you to chill out, to calm down and that everything will be fine. Try and look at the positive side of the situations rather than exerting your brain thinking about the issues not so relevant.

It is a major problem when you

  • Start crying for no particular reason
  • Find reasons to come up with past just to start a topic and lead to hot arguments
  • Suddenly you might feel panicked about situations
  • You feel a terrible loss of energy
  • You start worrying too much about situations
  • Unusual eating times
  • Unusual sleeping times
  • At times you may feel very moody and don’t feel like talking to anyone, unusual mood swings.

This list is end unending but you have to find a way to solve this situation or when it pains you might as well deal with it. When you feel something is wrong like you are engaging yourself into something, avoid it. Read those small signs which actually tell you that something is wrong and needs to be rectified.

Some of the symptoms of mental health which are not to be ignored at any cost

Excessive weight loss:  there are times when you would suddenly lose too much of weight and would not even have a particular reason for it. Example you may lose ten pounds in 4 to 5 months. Then it is an alarm to take note of the situation.

Some kind of depressed feeling that upsets you and have chances of taking a wrong turn in your life. Try and avoid to complicate things and thinking too much about things which depress or upset you.

There are times when you are very sensitive when people criticise you. Some have a tendency to take matters to heart and keep thinking about why a particular person did so or rather criticise you. You keep thinking and stress yourself

When you have feelings of committing suicide and all those negative thoughts that can lead to major incident in your life.

At times you may even feel nothing, simply nothing at all. You are blank about many things and fail to understand the situation around you and even if you do you think negative.

Any kinds of anxiety attacks or feeling paranoid about something also are the symptoms of mental illness or mental disorders.

These kinds of symptoms should be immediately dealt with and should not be ignored. Start diagnosing things at its initial stages so that things do not become a trouble later.