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How to overcome your panic attack?

Imagine you are talking to someone and suddenly you start feeling uncomfortable. You are not able to breathe properly and your heart starts to pump at higher rates. You really have no idea what to do. You feel as if you would die any moment. This is when you have got a panic attack.

Although, panic attack doesn’t occur normally, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know the ways to over those panic attacks. These attacks can come to anyone at any given point of time. It is better to be prepared with a solution rather than thinking what to do at that moment. Let us see at some of the symptoms first and then brief solutions to this attack.


Neither the panic attack knocks at the door and come nor do they define their victims. They can come to anyone at any point. You might be shopping or walking down the lane when you would suddenly get this attack. It is important that you understand that when you feel breathing problem, chest pain, nausea, sweating, shaking hands, getting detached with the surroundings, feeling dizzy, hot or cold flashes or feeling like you are dying, then you have got a panic attack. Though this last for minimum 20 minutes it can also extend to an hour.


Panic attacks are normally the results of some bad memory in your unconscious mind which just got a life out of nowhere. This might mean that your body reacts to something that has happened in the past and was stored somewhere in your mind. When you experience a panic attack, it is better that you follow the mentioned solutions:

  1. Count till 10: During a panic attack, try to relax yourself and take deep breaths. Start counting till 10 while you are breathing. Put your hand in your chest to notice if you are taking deep breathe or not.
  2. Be comforted: Find a comforting place for yourself and sit there for a while. You can even lie down if you wish to. This is because you have to relax your muscles.
  3. Divert your mind: During this attack, it is important that you divert your mind. Start walking towards the park or a lane where you are able to divert your mind from this attack.
  4. Exercise: This mind sound awkward but it does relax your muscle tension. Lie down on your back and start pulling your one leg to the chest and the other. When you’ll do this, your muscles will be relaxed and you would feel better.

You have to understand that the more you fight your fear the more strong your mind will be. It is good that you talk to people and therapist whenever you feel like things are not going right in your life. This would avoid the memory to store the fear and bring it out all of a sudden.