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How to Raise you Immunity Levels

Individuals who have a weaker immune system are more prone to sickness like flu, cold and various other minor infections. There are many antibiotics and anti viral medications which can help you get rid of these infections. It should be duly noted that frequent usage of antibiotics can do more harm and upset the immune system completely and then there could be more chances of you falling sick.

Many people believe that antibiotics can actually fight viral infections but this is not the truth. The fact is that these antibiotics actually create a wall around the

Virus and do not let them spread the infection, but they are unable to eliminate the virus. It only prevents the virus from spreading. In fact the when an individual consumes an antibiotic drug he lowers the immune system of his body and the body’s natural tendency to fight the virus is lowered.

A stronger immunity system is the actually the first line of defense which helps to counter the attack against unknown parasites and bacteria’s. The immune system of every human being consists of tonsil, spleen, lymphatic system and thymus work. Consumption of natural foods and herbal drugs can help build a stronger immune system

Some foods which help improve immunity are:

The most important supplements that help built a stronger immune system are Vitamin C, A and E. Try including fruits like citrus for Vitamin C, almonds will suffice Vitamin E and of course carrots for Vitamin A.

Garlic does a great job on boosting immunity levels. It helps in the production of white blood cells.

Having a cup of yogurt i.e. almost 6 pounces on daily basis will help build up intestinal flora levels which are used for digestion.

Healthy lifestyle and inclusion of these supplements and fruits in your diet aid in boosting the immunity levels of your body and prepare the body to fight against common cold and flu.