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How to understand your heart?

Heart is always considered as an important part of a human’s body. There are many saying related to heart. Romance comes from heart. A human is alive because the heart is pumping. And when it stops, the life stops.

We all wish to live. We all want to see tomorrow’s rising sun. But then why do we neglect our heart, due to which we are alive. Speaking about it biologically, heart pumps fresh blood which flows through the veins of your body. This fresh flowing blood carries oxygen which provides energy to various organs of body. So, it is indeed important for a human to keep his heart at good condition so that the process of life in on. But due to our lifestyle, heart gets affected. And when it is affected, it does show indication which we fail to realize. Later, this indication turns into serious problem leading to stoke.

But, this can be taken care of if we pay attention to the initial indications.

  1. While walking or climbing staircase when you huff and puff quickly as compared to the people of your age, then this means that your heart is facing trouble to pump the required amount of blood which is needed while doing such activities. It is essential that you start taking care of it. Visit a doctor and speak to him/her about the problem. If you are overweight or obese then it is better that work hard to reduce your weight.
  2. Heart disease is also connected to genes. This means that if your mother or father is diagnosed with heart problem before they reached the age of 60, then there is possibility that you might be having a weak heart too. It is advised to go through proper medical treatment on a regular basis to see if your heart is pumping properly or not.
  3. Sometimes we ignore the irregular heart-beat saying that it is normal. But in reality, it is not. A normal heart beat should be 72 beat in a minute. If find your heart beat is not close to the standard beat then it means that your heart is facing difficulty in pumping up blood in your body. It is good if you pay attention to it now rather than to wait for more complications.
  4. When our heart is pumping less blood in our veins, we would feel weakness and nausea. It means that the body is not getting the amount of oxygen which is required. At this situation, don’t neglect it. It is better that you visit a doctor and your check up done.
  5. When we burn food we get energy. But when our food is not burned, we feel that our stomach is already full. If despite carrying out various activities you feel that your stomach is full then there might some heart issues. It happens because your digestion system is affected due to the poor circulation of blood.
  6. Blood circulates to every part of our body. Right from head to toe. When any section of our body receives less blood, the activity of that organ gets affected. This means that when there is poor blood circulation in your brain, you tend to have poor memory. Your mind starts to function slowly and then you tend to forget things easily.

Heart is an organ of our body which keeps it alive and working. It pumps in and out the red liquid which is full of oxygen and helps your organs to function correctly. If it goes through any trouble then your entire body gets affected. It is better that you take care of it and understand it appropriately so that it functions properly and provide life to every part of your body.