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Hypnotherapy for treating Male Impotency – is it possible?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition wherein a man is unable to achieve as well as sustain robust penile erections required for penetrative intercourse. Erectile dysfunction might involve a man’s complete inability of achieving an erection or a for certain minutes. Yes, hypnosis might assist some males with ED, but only if the cause of the condition is not physiological.


According to a few researchers, hypnosis will help treat impotence in men if the cause of condition is psychological. Experts assert that hypnotherapy might turn helpful to locate and identify the psychological factor that has caused impotence.


Clinical or medical hypnotherapy has three main approaches. One is worked out on the certainty that a human mind is able to use imagery for bringing out the desired outcome. The next method concentrates on the potent of proposition. It instills alternative reactions as to how you reacted previously during your inability to perform. This is one of the successful hypnotherapy methods. Lastly, hypnosis can help to potentially extract all those concealed feelings, memories or thoughts that might be triggering the problem of ED in a man.


The Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology discovered that around 75% of men in the study experienced some improvement in their condition post hypnotherapy. Further, the British Journal of Urology accounted similar result when the technique was used in men, who were suffering from ED due to psychological reasons. These two studies in some or the other way send a positive vibe suggesting hypnotherapy as a safer and effective way to get rid of ED.


Hypnotherapy as a venue of entertainment has spoofed out a wide belief that the subject undergoing this therapy has no control on his/her own actions or is unconscious. However, experts debunk this belief and state it is complete untrue. This is because most of the guys undergoing hypnosis remember almost everything post the session. They sustain the potent in resisting anything that the hypnotist advocates them if they wish to.


If we affirm with a few experts, then hypnotherapy for male impotence has turned out to be extremely successful in males having high capability for the therapy. The therapy might not work, if you repel the process even in subconscious mind. In fact, the British Journal of Urology even stated that hypnotherapy works successfully in quite a few men than trazodone or testosterone therapy.


Most of the states in the United States of America lack regulating bodies to permit and administer hypnotherapists. Several hypnotists lack professional healthcare training or license. Thus, ask a potential hypnotist about his degree, and if it does not relate to any healthcare vocation, then skip him/her and look for some other hypnotist. Make sure that the hypnotist is a notable member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis or Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Both are national centers with all the members possessing healthcare training and licenses in hypnotherapy, so you are rest assured that you are in safe hands.