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Impotence – A Brief History

The very earliest endeavors in treating impotency took place in the medieval Islamic era by Muslim pharmacists and physicians. These people were the first ones to administer medications for treating impotence. They used to prescribe an exclusive drug for the problem or a mixture of prescribed drugs and diet.

Besides oral medications, they also tried administering medications via urethra. This practice was common between 9th and 16th century followed by some of the renowned Muslim pharmacists and physicians.

Testosterone Cure

During the 1800’s, physicians used to inject sheep testis extracts as the source of testosterone for curing impotence. This was the standard cure until testosterone went onto become purified later in the 1940s.

Dr. John R. Brinkley in the late 1930s tried to cure impotence using medication in the United States. Dr. Brinkley advised costly implants of goat gland as well as mercurochrome injections along with surgeries performed by Serge Voronoff. However, The State Medical Board of Kansas annulled his medical permit after which Brinkley shifted his operations to Texas where he started his medical clinic. Brinkley even promoted his treatment methods over radio.

Vacuum Pumps and Penile Implants

Later in the 1970s, surgeons began to provide the patients of impotence with inflatable penile implants. Just before this, Geddings Osbon invented an amazing device called as the youth equivalence device or YED, which is still used popularly as vacuum pumps for treating erectile dysfunction.

The Advancement of Medicines to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

All the endeavors for treating erectile dysfunction with medicines failed until Giles Brindley, Ph.D., a British physiologist illustrated the effects of phentolamine in inducing the erection. Giles injected non-precise vasodilator, which is an alpha blocking component into his own veins for causing relaxation of the corporal muscles. This set a route for the advancement of certain oral agents that might trigger similar relaxation of corporal muscles in a man’s penis causing erection.

Invention of Viagra

Treatment of impotency saw a complete revolution with the invention of Viagra or Sildenafil. Albert Wood and Peter Dunn of Pfizer were represented as the creators of Sildenafil also known as Viagra. They created the medicine in the year 1989 along with other employees working for Pfizer at the company’s Kent research center in England. Dr. Nicholas Terett, Dr. David Brown and Andrew Bell were other notable names, who helped in the invention of the crucial molecule.

Terrett was nominated for Sildenafil in the 1991 British copyright as a heart drug and some expert folks even consider Terrett as the father of Viagra. Wood and Dunn on the other hand were the ones, who brought Viagra into the pill form.

Further Inventions

In the near future, we would be having the gene therapy to treat impotence. This is deemed to provide months or week long effects in a man. The gene therapy might involve injecting transfer gene, calcium receptive potassium channel into a man’s penis.