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Incalculable Kids in United States are Suffering from Kidney Stone

It is really a spine chilling news that the problem which usually is generated during the middle age is been seen in the children who fall between the age of 5 to 15. Every day there is a kid been operated from kidney stone, which gives us the message that the number of kids suffering from kidney stone is increasing in a drastic manner rather than decreasing. Due to kidney stone, there are n-number of kids who stay at home for ample number of days by missing school. Most of the children in United States are fond of food, which many a time make them consume alkaline salts that make them suffer from kidney stone.

Apart from water, food is the major cause that leads to troubles like kidney stone. Today there are 40 to 60 percent of the children in U.S who are suffering from kidney stone only because of the diet they consume. Most of the kids among these suffer from Oxalate stone, which is formed due to certain food products. Apart from Oxalate stone, there are two other types of kidney stone i.e. calcium phosphate stones that take place due to increasing rate of calcium level in the urine and the other one is Uric acid stone that causes due to less intake of water.

Among the above-mentioned types of kidney stone Oxalate stone is the common one seen in most of the kids. Oxalate stone generates due to maximum amount of oxalate content food consumed without sufficient intake of water. Thus, the toxic waste that flushes out with water gets deposited inside the kidney forming a calculus.

Kidney stone are treated by following the steps given below-

  • If the kidney stone is small in size children can remove it in a very easy manner by drinking ample amount of water. The more you intake water it becomes easy to push the stone in a smooth manner. Children also need to take some amount of medication prescribed by the urologist.
  • If the size of stone is little bit larger it is been treated with the help of lithotripsy where in shockwaves is been given by giving anesthesia to the child. There is some amount of sound wave that takes place while the lithotripsy procedure takes place that breaks the stone into small pieces. As soon as the stone breaks, it becomes easier for the kid to remove the stone by consuming large amount of water.
  • If the stone is very big there is a small hole been made at the back from which a small instrument is been entered into it to break the stone into small pieces. After which the kid can release the stone by consuming water.

If it happens that, the stone does not break even after doing all these therapies doctors use ureteroscopy by passing a sleek instrument through the urinary system and break the stone through laser treatment. After which the stone gets divided into small pieces which can once again be removed by the kid by drinking adequate quantity of water.