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Incalculable Teens are Prone to Gum Disease

Are you also one among the parents who have a teenager at your place who thinks smoking is a fashion? Then you really need to take some important things to notice that there are more than 60% of teens in United States who are suffering from Gum Disease due to smoking problem. Teenage is the time when kids are really not ready to accept that it may make their life dejected due to severe diseases like gum disease so it’s you who need to put a limit to their smoking habit.

Gum disease is the problem which is at its primary stage during the teenage days which can be prevented in an easy manner. Hence, you have the chance to make your kid free from gum disease by plucking it from the root. You need not panic as gum disease can be cured in a very simple manner by making your kid have healthy and nutritious diet.

Gum disease can also be called as periodontal disease which gets generated around the soft tissues that are situated around the teeth to support the teeth. When a smoker inhales the smoke inside the mouth the harmful substances present in the smoke gets accumulated over the teeth which slowly gets transferred to the gums. This is where the healthy gums and teeth start decaying to a larger extent.

Gums are the ones which face ample amount of problem due to Plaque which gets created over it. Plaque is a colorless sticky substance which forms inside the gums which changes the whole color of the gums into dark red color. This harmful plaque many a times makes the gum bleed or gives ample amount of pain to the teeth or gums which irritate the individual to a larger extend. This becomes a problem for the gum to hold the teeth in a strong manner which in return brings in the situation of extracting the tooth.

So, it’s your duty now to stop your kid from falling into the cage of Gum disease. For which see to it that you feed healthy food which contain vitamin C in it. Fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry and papaya are the ones which contain large amount of Vitamin and nutrition in it.