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Indulging Into an Oral Sexual Act Can Lead To Cancer

It is estimated that approx 60 percent of the people were detected with oral cancer in the year 2009 as compared to 42 percent in the year 2000. These cases in men have been tripled from 23 to 64 percent. In cases of women, it showed a rise of 50 per cent respectively.

The causes behind oral cancer

It is said by the experts that the major danger factors for oral cancer are consumption of alcohol and smoking or may be chewing tobacco. But there is budding evidence which says that infection in the mouth with HPV can show the way to oral cancer.

An analysis that took place in this early year stated that the proportion of oral cancers which were related to HPV ranged from 4 percent of the maximum 83 percent in diverse trials across the world. The mentioned figures differ between different studies possibly due to diverse ways of testing for the virus or divergent levels of smoking and other related factors.

HPV in the mouth

The fact that how exactly a person could get infected in the mouth with HPV is still not yet known but there are chances which can take place all through the sexual intercourse. Oral sexual act is to a certain extent is held responsible as it gives an easy way for the diffusion as HPV can be sexually transmitted.

There are numerous kinds of HPV and approx 15 are linked with cancers. Few types can be passed on all through vaginal and anal sexual act which are further associated with cervical and vaginal cancer. Few can be transmitted all through contact with skin and trigger genital warts.

Listed below are few factors which are linked to sexual behavior as well and they are:

  • Never having oral sexual act
  • Having oral sexual act with many people in your lifetime
  • Among men, having first sexual activity at an early age

It is a known fact that other infections which are transmitted through oral sexual act include herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea so make sure to protect yourself and your partner by performing safe oral sexual act.