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Home Blog Intake of Cholesterol – lowering Statins can Prevent Future Triggers of Cancer!

Intake of Cholesterol – lowering Statins can Prevent Future Triggers of Cancer!

Statins are a kind of medicine used for busting the level of cholesterol in the body. Previously, it was stated that this statins can significantly reduce the hazards of developing stress and depression in the patient going through health disease.  But, now according to the latest research news was published stating that the same statins used for fighting high level of cholesterols can prevent the triggers of future cancer or supplement its current treatment. University of Rochester Medical Centre made this discovery.

In the same research the theory validated that the people with elongated cholesterol level seem to have more chances of triggering cancer. On this, Hartmut Land, the senior author and head of biomedical genetics commented that till now there has been no genetic evidence that has direct relation to tumor and cholesterol. He even added up saying, “It is extremely satisfying to show the statistics that support thoughts about cholesterol in terms of preventing cancer. Our validated papers say that statins have shown fruitful approach towards preventing cancer.”

Cholesterol is a fatty stuff that is present in foods and even made in cells in the complete body.  Excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the body can have an effect on vascular system as well as heart. By routine blood test the serum cholesterol can be measured.  The cells inside the body are hidden by the cholesterol while showing an impact on the survival and growth of cells.   Well, in the recent investigation, a gene called as ABCA1 has a kind of role in the cancer patient.  ABCA1 mutations inhibited in human colon cancers disable the ability of gene to export cholesterol.

Several patients consumed the statins or cholesterol lowering medicines as per the doctor’s prescription and it was seen that the medicine blocked the working of the important enzymes in the liver which produces cholesterol. Moreover, the clinical researches also are evaluating statins as a useful component for combating cancer; while some studies previous studies if statins blended with chemotherapy might show more effect as sensitize some cancer cells to chemotherapy-provoked cell death.

Land even added more saying that, “However the link stating statins can help in curing cancer is very true, but it would be too early to state that statins is the only answer”.