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Is Chronic Prostatitis and Infertility interrelated?

A very important part of male reproductive system – the prostate gland is of the size of a walnut. This gland is responsible for secreting a fluid that allows for smooth and easy movement of the sperm. Now, we discuss about what is Prostatitis. It is the inflammation of the prostate gland and it is categorized into two namely acute and chronic prostatitis.

Acute prostatitis is easily treated but unfortunately, chronic prostatitis is a serious health condition. Even doctors find it hard to locate the problem and treat. More serious is that it is believed to affect the fertility in men. However, not all men who suffer from chronic prostatitis are infertile which means that even there are types in chronic prostatitis. That is why the matter is under observation.

Chronic Prostatitis: various types

Nine% men aged 18 or above are believed to be suffering from one of the types of chronic prostatitis.

  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis:  A bacterium, which is infecting the prostate gland for long and the sad news, is that it usually does not respond to antibiotics or medicines.
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: This is the most common and the least predictable. It could show the symptoms of chronic prostatitis but no presence of bacteria.
  • Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis: it is diagnosed when the doctor finds WBCs (white blood cells) in seminal fluid. The test is to check for the fertility.

Do WBCs in seminal fluid affect fertility?

White blood cells are the body’s defense against anti bodies like infections. It is found that when the WBCs also known as leukocytes are found in the seminal fluid, they affect the sperm quality and quantity and affects the functioning too. This all affects the fertility. The WBCs produces molecules called reactive oxygen species that form a part of the disease fighting system of WBC. In infertile men, the levels of reactive oxygen species have been found as high as 40%. Another possible cause for infertility is believed to be the scar tissue that prevents the sperm to go into the seminal fluid.

Is there any treatment for infertility due to chronic prostatitis?

The doctors are of the view that if chronic prostatitis has occurred due to bacteria, there is treatment for both the condition and infertility. If WBCs are found in the seminal fluid but without bacteria, antioxidants could prove helpful.

Healthy diet is believed to be helpful in fertility. Vitamins A, C and E are found to be a protector of sperm cells from the adverse effects of reactive oxygen series. Even antioxidants, which are present in abundance in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains help in treating infertility.

However, a strong link between chronic prostatitis and infertility is still under research.