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Is erectile dysfunction and stroke are connected?

As we are aware that erectile dysfunction is caused due to the blockages in blood vessels in the sexual organ. These blockages are caused due to PDE5. And when the medication is taken, these blockages break and provide you maximum erection for the maximum time. This happens as the blood flow increases and it reaches the sexual organ with the right flow.

But, can this problem be the reason behind stokes? There is the possibility as erectile dysfunction is caused by the blockages, which affects the blood flow. It is said that when the hardening of the arteries begins, it starts with the small blood vessels such as the vessels of your sexual organ.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) indicates that there might be blockages happening in other vessels too. Study done at various universities in the world shows the same result, those men who are going through erectile dysfunction has a greater chance of getting a heart attack.

The stroke or heart attack happens when the blood flowing in the vessels is blocked for longer time that the heart muscle is damaged or dies. If a man under the age of 50 is facing ED more often that he may be the victim of cardiac issues and for men after the age of 70, it’s going to be the less chances of heart disease.

Apart from this, ED and stork shares some few other things in common. Those who have diabetes are more likely have ED and stork as it affects the blood flow. Also, those who smoke are directly affecting their sexual organ resulting in stork symptoms. Other than these, hypertension, depression, overweight and family cases of heart disease also indicates that you’ve more chances of getting stroke and ED.

These things can be prevented if taken care at the right time. If you more often face ED than it is the good that you speak to your doctor regarding it. There is no need to be ashamed of it. It is the matter of life and death. If it is diagnosed at the right time, then the stroke and heart problems can be avoided. So, watch your actions carefully.