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Is hair loss a part of hair growth cycle or is it baldness?

There are men who probably experience thinning hairline while their friends continue to have full hair. Irrespective of the age, everyone experiences a certain amount of hair loss every day. There would be times when you experience unusual hair loss so it is all the more important to know the actual process of how the hair grows and when we could experience this unusual hair loss.

Like we have a life cycle, our hair to have a growth cycle, it lasts for about two to three years. During this period the hair would grow at the rate of half an inch every month.  This means that at any point of time about 90 % of the hair strands are in the growth phase. And the remaining 10% is in the rest phase. The age in the resting phase would shed after three four months and thus make place for the new hairs to grow. As all the hair strands do not have the same cycle, so you would experience some regular shedding. So if you lose 50 to 100 strands every day, there is nothing to be worried about.

When we could experience excessive hair loss?

Doctors are of the view that there are a number of health conditions which could trigger the shedding phase and you experience too much hair loss. These conditions could be emotional stress. As you suffer from some illness, you get emotionally stressed out. This could make many of your strands to go into the resting phase and thus excessive shedding. Some other conditions could be childbirth, medications, any hormonal imbalances, or certain skin infections.

It is quite normal that when you see too many hairs in the comb you fear that you are getting bald, but it really doesn’t mean that you are getting bald. In normal conditions the hair would grow again.

Would you get bald in the future?

You yourself could not detect the baldness unless and until you pay a visit to the doctor. The doctor since he is an expert would try to get the root of the problem as to why you are experiencing the unusual hair loss.

The doctor would examine the hair bulbs to look for the stage the hairs are in. He would study it under the microscope. If you suffer from the hair loss problem due to certain health conditions, getting treated for them would reverse the process. If it is due to genetic reasons, you should consider prompt treatment to stop the phenomena. There could even be certain medications which could be the cause of your unexplained hair loss.

It is important that you talk to the doctor and tell him about each and everything you are experiencing and also about your diet or any medication if you are taking. This would really help him to find a suitable treatment for you.