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Is Insomnia getting on your Head?

Insomnia is a regular problem; every tenth individual walking on this planet is a victim of this sleep disorder syndrome. It kills the enthusiasm of an individual and tires them out. Tackling insomnia has become a challenge for the doctors and they are forever engaged in finding new medications and suggesting various ways to get some sleep. In general it is advised that one should take a sleep at least for seven hours without any disturbance. This much sleep is enough for an adult and prepares both body and mind for the next day work.

What if one does not sleep properly?

Sleep relaxes your brain which is working faster than the speed of light. Yes, our mind is never at ease, it is forever working. For this particular reason, it is important for us to take a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh and rejuvenated the next day.

A satisfied sleep helps the brain work better and think positively. There is new ray of hope when you take a proper break and relax your nerves and brain. Strained chords in the mind can even lead to high blood pressure, weaken your heart and lead to neurological problem. In fact mental diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are triggered because of lack of sleep.

How to tackle insomnia?

Now, each has one’s own way of fighting insomnia. But,to regulate sleep cycle one shouldindulge in activities like playing or walking or running. Insomnia is usually found in women and is less prevalent in men. This is so, because either they get too tired after working and settling home or is reluctant in physical workouts. Both are equally responsible in killing sleep. When your mind is working double, it becomes hard to rest and we are always thinking. It is mandatory to pamper self to relax and stay healthy.

Otherwise some of the common ways to tackle insomnia are:

  1. Sleeping pills
  2. Walking before going to bed
  3. Take a bath before sleep
  4. Have a glass of warm milk
  5. Get a wall painted in light blue or aquamarine colour, this soothes your nerves and makes it easy to fall asleep.

These are some of the easy ways to tackle insomnia and get back to normal routine lifestyle. However, if the problem persists then reasons could be much serious and one must consult a doctor for the same. Some of the known reasons for insomnia to trigger could be;

  1. Depression related to work pressure or personal life can be strategic reason
  2. Suffering from sleep apnoea, it is a very common problem
  3. Very few agree but if troubled by short breath or Asthma, then there could be problem in sleeping.
  4. Sometimes when body is very tired, it becomes impossible to sleep and can lead to insomnia
  5. Jetlag can be another very important cause for the problem which is faced by persons who are frequent travellers.

Insomnia is not a big problem if it is attended on time and something is done about it. So, wake up and try to get a good sleep.