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Kamagra – an effective medication to conquer ED

Kamagra is amongst the few effective medicines which are suggested as treatment for erectile dysfunction. Erectile mechanism of the male penis when gets hindered it becomes extremely difficult for the sufferer get erection of his sexual organ. Hence, while trying to have sex the penis does not attain an erection as per the expectation of the man. This makes sex a nightmare for the affected individual as he struggles to enter his penis into the female vagina. Even if he penetrates he will not be able to perform sex for sufficient time. Not all cases of flabby penis are erectile dysfunction. There are some cases wherein men may experience this condition once in blue moon; this is not often considered as erectile dysfunction. In fact, ED is confirmed when a men is experiencing flaccid phallus for over two to three months of regular intercourse.


There are several conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction in men ranging from physical to psychological. Kamagra rectifies one of the highly recorded causes of male impotency and that is hindered circulation of blood to the penis. This in turn is caused due to a harmful enzyme known as Phosphodiesterase -5 or PDE-5. This enzyme causes the cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate level to reduce which in turn deprives the supply of blood to vital areas. Hence, Kamagra causes inhibition of this enzyme with the help of Sildenafil citrate. This ultimately causes the blood flow to become normal and the male phallus starts obtaining considerable amount of blood supply. This blood supply is what that leads to engorgement of the reproductive organ of the men causing erection. The sufferer is also able to hold the erection for long enough as the veins that carry blood outside the penis becomes compressed and the blood gets retained in the phallic chamber.


Kamagra has all the ingredients that are there in the patented version of the medicine which is Viagra. However, the medicine stills comes at an economical value when compared with the patented drugs. This provides an opportunity of affected individual to buy best medicine with high efficacy at much cheaper price. This is why most men prefer going for Kamagra over other branded medicines.


Kamagra should be avoided if you are taking nitrate based drugs or are taking any other substance that contain even slightest amount of nitrate. This is because, nitrate is said to be reactive with sildenafil citrate which is the active ingredient of Kamagra. This medicine starts imparting results from 45 to 60 minutes after you have gulped the tablet. For better results take the medicine with water and at least an hour in advance. Taking alcohol and fatty food item on the day you are going to take Kamagra can reduce the effect of the drug and may probably cause reaction.  The effect of this medicine is experienced for over 4 to 6 hours. Hence, by taking Kamagra you can impress your women more than one time during these 4 to t6 hours.