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Key to Healthy Ageing in Women – Stress Relief

When checked as to what are the factors that overall influence a woman’s health. Stress leads, playing a major role for the dip in quality of women’s health. Yes, unlike the previous generation, today more and more women are under a great deal of stress. Several issues contribute to this menace. Right from the pressure of managing family and career, to the challenge of living up to the expectations at work while being unappreciated and underpaid with limited opportunities to advance.

There is no denying that stress has unleashed a series of injurious effects on women, more than it has on men. With a surge in pressure due to economic hardships, family problems and the media’s constant influence over women in connection with their appearance, has all lead to a significant burnout, especially in women between 35-45 years of age. Furthermore, one’s ageing process accelerates due to the steady rise in stress.Most mothers are working moms and therefore have numerous activities lined up for them. Apparently, this barely leaves them with any time for their mental and physical welfare.

Many women still cling to an unrealistic expectation with regard to their health and beauty. This is because of the undue attention put over a woman’s appearance by the advertising industry. There is a constant bombardment through print communication on having a model thin image, which is obvious to affect one’s psyche over the time.The effect of such gibberish show and tell is that most women spend a large measure of time, money and energy over weight loss programs and fitness regimes, which hardly alter their overall form at the end and thus result in added stress.

It is notable that stress relief is the vital key to every woman’s health and healthy aging.Women must take an active step in reducing stress, which in turn will contribute to their becoming better mothers, partners and workers as well.Remember physical and emotional satisfaction is interconnected. Hence, getting the appropriate amount of nutrients, right exercise and more importantly a right outlook are the primary three steps that will assist you stay healthy. In addition, these steps are necessary for each woman, it will assist her to gain more energy, mental clarity and a true sense of contentment.

  • First things First –You need to understand that one cannot do all that you may wish to do.It is advisable that you prioritize by making a list of your goals essential to you and work out a course of action to accomplish them. If the activities you carry out do not champion your goals, then it is wise you discontinue them and focus on the ones that do.


  • Practice Self-care –Make sure to set aside some time every week to supply your body and soul with healthy food and supplements that provide energy to help you through your day. This way you will empower yourself and be in a much better position to execute several other roles and responsibilities.


  • A Time to Say No –It is essential to make your views clear with that of others over matters involving you and your time. Many women do not like to disappoint others and therefore agree to almost anything and everything, thereby exerting themselves. Saying a “no” at the proper time will keep you from getting over stressed, making you feel better,while letting you focus on more important activities. This in turn will contribute you and your family’s overall well-being.

It is vital to remember that you need to feel nurtured first so that you can take care of your family and work. Relieving stress is what will contribute women on having a balanced health today and a healthy ageing in time to come.