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Know how of anti wrinkle creams

Each time an anti wrinkle product advertisement flashes on the television screen, you are bombarded with messages like younger looking skin in a few days or see your dead and dull skin transformed to young in fact child like skin easily. The choice becomes different. Not only there are various anti wrinkle products available but they are very expensive too making the buying decision more difficult.

This write up aims at making you aware about the procedure how the anti wrinkle cream works and how to choose the best cream for you. You might have even tried many anti wrinkle creams which are sold over the counter but you could never get the desired result. So let us begin by researching what the anti wrinkle cream does for you?

The creams which claim to be anti wrinkle ones mostly contain a moisturizer. The skin is moisturized so it reduces the appearance of fine lines as the texture of the skin is improved. If you had ever glanced through the content such products normally contain alpha hydroxyl acids. These acids help in exfoliating the skin and also remove the dead cells. There are certain antioxidants like Q10, green tea which work towards destroying the unstable molecules, free radicals. These molecules could be formed due to overexposure to the sun and thus cause wrinkles. These antioxidants which are present in these creams they work as a wrinkle reducer. Many experts are of the view that if you choose an anti wrinkle cream which contains antioxidants makes sure that you apply a sunscreen coat.

The Wonder Ingredient

The anti wrinkle creams which are really very effective contains a wonder ingredient called retinol. Other similar ingredients which are really very effective in treating wrinkles is tretinoin, and tazarotene. Derivatives of Vitamin A, these retinoid work towards controlling the skin thinning and also improving the skin pigmentation and dark spot lightening.

Studies have proved that retinoid not only help treating the existing wrinkles but also help prevent coming of the new wrinkles.

There are some downside of the anti wrinkle creams

Apart from some benefits, the negative side is also worth considering.

Limited Result: the results would only be for a limited time period. As soon as you stop applying, the results will go away.

Cost: see the amount of the cream and then look at the price.

Irritation: if you have sensitive skin it is better that you stay away from these beauty products. Sometimes the retinoid could cause itchiness and redness.

Avoid during pregnancy: doctors do not recommend using them as it is considered to be inducing birth defects in the child.