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Knowing ADD Warning Indications in Women

Few of the women are left without being seen and never diagnosed. As a woman learns more and gets to know about ADD, she identifies the ADD signs in herself. This is more or less a big release to understand and give a name to the condition triggering the problems. Hormonal changes and variations during puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause can all take a toll on ADD warning indications. This has more complex the understanding of SADD in women.

Getting aware with ADD Symptoms in Women

People now are becoming more cautious of adult ADD in general. There is even a better perceptive about the dissimilarities in the way symptoms can more or less be present in women against men with ADD. Additionally, there seems to be extra aware of the predominantly inattentive subtype of ADD which is commonly seen in females. These women may be seen as forgetful, introvert and shy apart from showing off the agitated, troublesome symptoms that are a lot observable. These females may even have a low acceptance for strain and be very sensitive to criticism.

Women with additional hyperactive impulsive symptoms of ADD then she may be seen as hyper-social. Such sort of women might have intense emotional reactions or be called as adamant or very argumentative. She may even be lacking concentration and incompetent as well. When things go out of hand and have trouble in arranging and deciding her own life than looking after others can appear next to impossible.

This is one of the most ordinary psychological illnesses that take place in children. Warning indications may perhaps go on into the adult stage. If this is left unseen then ADD can show the way to weak social relationships and a usual feeling of low self esteem.

Listed below are few symptoms of ADD in women

Habitual delay

This one is the most common symptom found in females and hugely takes place due to a weak sense of time that is proven by the reality that they are more or less late to occasions or maybe to their office place.

Hyper focusing

ADD is more or less linked to a problem or incapability to focus for longer time but women who suffer from this disorder have a tendency to pay attention on projects and experience remarkable outcome.