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Lack of Oral Hygiene Can Make You Fall Ill

Even if you clean your enamel by gently brushing it, day after day, you will probably still have disease causing microbes growing inside your oral cavity. Not only this can cause periodontitis (a kind of gum disorder that is occurs with symptoms similar to bleeding after you brush and pain in the gums), but research also shows that there could be a link between bad oral hygiene and chief health issues.

Going easy on your oral hygiene can lead to the serious diseases and bad health conditions.

· It can cause cardiovascular disorders – people who have periodontitis have double the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disorders than people who don’t. Experts aren’t exactly clear about the reasons that lead to this observation but it is believed that unsafe bacteria can leave your oral cavity and enter blood circulation leading to blood clots and in many cases, severe heart attack.

· Your recollection and concentration levels may suffer: Research has it that there might a link between deprived oral wellbeing and a increase risk ofmental diseases such as dementia. One common factor that occurred in women in the age groups of seventy five and 98 is that  the ones with less teeth were more at a risk of dementia. Similarly, the one with a better hygiene were more mentally fit.

· It could lead to Alzheimer’s – Experts believe that oral bacteria can reach the brain via cranial nerve that is connected to the jaw or may directly enter the blood, and might add to the form of tartar that may be been connected with Alzheimer’s.

· It could aggravate diabetes– Sufferers of diabetes will probably have more instances of periodontal disorders as  compared to the ones who do not have  diabetes. While this could be due to the reason that diabetics are more probe to suffering from dental issues and vice versa, as gum diseases make it tough for blood sugar to come under control.

· Affects your respiration-  Gum diseases may boost your likelihood of suffering from respiratory diseases with the most common being chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and pneumonia. The infections could occur when bacteria move out of your oral cavity and enter your lungs during inspiration, that could be responsible for infected airways.

· It could take you longer to get pregnant- Ladies, with gum diseases who want to conceive, take 2 months more in getting pregnant as compared to women who do not have gum diseases.  Other investigations showed that women who are pregnant along with gum diseases have larger chances of miscarriage.