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Ladygra : A Weapon to Eradicate Female Dysfunction

Ladygra is an oral intended pill for those women who are suffering with insensitivity in the female organ. This is something that can avoid a woman from taking pleasure in the sexual activity. Dryness is the other cause of this difficulty found in women and this could on the other hand cause shortage of blood supply in the vagina.

Why Ladygra must be taken?

Ladygra is meant for women who have an insensitive vaginal organ that takes place due to deprived circulation of blood in that specific area. This can put a stop from enjoying the sexual pleasure in a much proper way and as a result, this can have its effect on a woman’s personal and professional life as well. A deprived sexual life between couples can even outcome in the breakdown of their bonding. However , a good and satisfied sexual life can do the opposite. Sexual intercourse is not just an act but also a phase where a man and a woman come closer to each other.

When an individual goes through a bad sexual life it eventually affects their bonding, which further contributes to various disturbances in each other’s life. In such severe cases, women can take the help of Ladygra, which falls under the generic version of the Viagra branded tablet. This medicine is specially created for women who wish to overcome with their sexual difficulties.

It includes the same active ingredient or chemical compound, which is known as sildenafil citrate that is also found in all other generic medicines. The steady circulation of blood in the female organ indicates that the woman has received the needed lubrication, which takes place before she reaches an orgasm.

How this works?

Ladygra when taken, dissolves in the blood and further enhances the flow of blood in the body. This enhances blood supply then breaks down all the obstructions. Once these are gone, the flow of blood in the female organ will increase and would provide women the needed sensitivity. When this is done, women can take pleasure in the entire sexual act without any kind of disturbance that too for longer hours.

Ladygra comes in the standard dosage of 100 mg and in 25 and 50mg where women can opt for any of these as per their choice. This pill should be consumed with water and one must wait for at least an hour.

Ladygra is one powerful medicine, a single dosage of this is sufficient for a woman to break free with the sexual disorder called as female sexual dysfunction. It has its own set of side effects but the good news is that, they are only for short tern period. Furthermore, the body structure and other concerned factors would decide the existence of such side effects in a woman.