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Ladygra for Women to Live the Best Day

This is one of the health problems that not only gives ample amount of trouble to the couple at the same time makes the female suffer from mental and emotional trauma. Sexual dysfunction is not one of the recent health troubles rather it is one of the serious health problem faced by most of the women and men from past few eras. Today if you go to take a survey over the number of people, going through sexual problem you might find more than 14% of the people going through this problem during their middle ages. 20% of the men and women become a prey to this problem in their older days.

Today there are number of women who have given a chance to some of the treatments that are pulling them out of the problems they are going through. Even you might have heard about the medication Ladygra that is brought in the generic type to help every woman who is going through female dysfunction.

Know some of the basic things about Ladygra

Ladygra is one of the generic medications that is brought into the medical world under the known brand Viagra. This medication contains Sildenafil Citrate as the chemical present in the pill that was previously used in most of the medication that is used to solve heart trouble. Ladygra is available in 100mg dosage that can be taken with some water as it is in tabular form. This pill is easily available in most of the online store and in the chemists. Therefore, if you are ok in sharing the trouble you are going through with any one you can surely get it from a medical shop or else you have online store that gives you the delivery at your doorstep.

How can this medication work to help a woman?

When women make use of this pill, the first thing that takes place is the liquid gets mixed up in the blood and helps the body to function in the right mode. The female sexual organ also gets enough amount of blood to give out its best while the couple decides to make love. This medication works at its best while it is been taken 35 to 40 minutes before having sexual act. This will allow the organ to give out its best as the effect of the liquid stays in the body for more than 4 to 6 hours.

However, it is always necessary to take the medication only after proper assistance from the doctor, as he will provide some of the best secret tips that can allow the women use the medication accordingly.