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Laughter is The Most Overrated Yet Effective Way to Stay Healthy

We all know that humor and laughter are infectious. The sound of big laughter is more widespread than a sneeze, sniffle or cough. People are bonding together when laughter is shared, it increases the intimacy and happiness. While laughter marks a sense of celebration in people of all ages and sections, it is also known to have a very strong impact on a person’s health.Though it has gained exposure, and some believe that it is overrated, laughter remains the most fun ways to stay healthy.

What does laughter do for you?

Studies have shown that laughter has a deep and brilliant impact on the body.

  • Laughter stimulates healthy physical changes in the body.
  • Laughter and humor enhance your immune system, improve your energy levels, reduce pain and protect you from the harmful effects of stress.
  • Laughter is the best and priceless medicine to stay healthy, easy to use and free.

Laughter is a good medicine for body and mind

Laughter is a strong counteracting agent for pain, conflict and stress. Nothing works better and faster to bring your body and mind back to normal than a big laugh. Humor helps in lightening your problems, encourages hopes, connects you with others and keeps you alert, active and focused. With such a wonderful power to renew and heal, the ability to laugh frequently and easily is a great resource for overcoming problems, improving your relationships and enhancing both emotional and mental health.

Laughter improves your health

1. Laughter helps in relaxing the whole body. A hearty and good laugh eliminates stress and tension, which makes your muscles relaxed.

2. Laughter enhances the immune system. Laughter reduces the stress hormone and increases infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells, which improves your ability to fight diseases.

3. Laughter activates the release of endorphins, endorphins are and natural chemicals found in the body to enhance mood. Endorphins boost overall health and can also help to relieve pain temporarily.

4. Laughter saves the heart. Laughter enhances the function of blood vessels and increases the flow of blood, which can help you in protecting from heart attack and other heart diseases.

Humor and laughter help you in staying emotionally healthy

Laughter makes you feel happy and good. The feeling good that you get when you laugh stays with you for a long time. Humor helps you in being positive and optimistic through difficult situations, loss and disappointments. Apart from the break from pain and sadness, laughter also provides you the strength and courage to discover new sources of hope. A laugh can take you a long way in making you feel better even in the toughest times. And laughter is infectious, just heating someone laugh blooms your rain and prepared you to smile and enjoy the movement.

The connection between mental health and laughter

Laughter helps in overcoming stress and worries. There is no way you can feel sad, angry or anxious while laughing. It helps in relaxing and refreshing you. It lowers stress and improves energy, helping you stay focused in order to achieve more. Humor helps you in changing your point of view, helps you in seeing the situations in a more realistic way.