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Lingering Cough- A Deadly Disease in Infants

Lingering cough can affects people of all ages. If the whopping cough does not diagnosed or treated properly then it may fall prey. Approximately, five to ten thousand children has found due to Untreated and undiagnosed.

What are the symptoms?

Pertussis carries the various symptoms that are related to the problem. The common childhood problems like cold, sneezing, fever and minor cough. After two week the symptoms increases in sever cough that tend to vomiting, red or blue colored face that usually generate thick phlegm. The clear and unique sound that appears at the end when a child cough, consist a whopping sound. If you see this kind of symptoms in your child, you have immediately to concern child specialist at the first stage of symptoms.

 What are the causes?

The cause of the lingering cough causes due to bacteria pertussis. The bacteria of this cough are greatly contagious and spread all around. The bacteria spread from person to person, when someone sneezes cough or inhale. This common bacterium carried forward to the non contagious person through the airborne particles. When a person breathes in such atmosphere the bacteria starts to reproduce and cause swelling and thus lead to lingering cough.

How it can be treated?

The best option to cure this problem is to take the prospective measures from the child specialist. The widespread treatment to get rid from the lingering cough is to use antibiotics as prescribed by doctor and taking ample rest at home is very necessary. Child must intake antibiotics as said by doctors even if the sign of the lingering cough recovers, the whole prescription must get finish at the proper time or else the child can degenerate the same problem again. Let you child drink plenty of water and food containing lots of fluid, keeping your house with cool humidifier and way from allergies, dust or moist like smoke or cigarettes.