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Lost Sexual Desire After Menopause In Women

There are women who shy away from telling about these problems or relatively embarrassed to talk with their doctor. Sexual life can turn out to be less enjoyable for a number of women after they hit the menopause stage. The natural sexual drive decline in estrogen levels can make it less comfortable. Few women also find their interest in sexual turn downs and this is where the alterations in the body fail to help with aging. Dry skin, flabby breasts and middle age spread can put off one’s self esteem as well.

A lot of health experts say that women must overcome their shyness and seek medical help as soon as possible. It all the time appears bad when women suffer in silence with ordinary menopausal warning signs such as vaginal dryness as they are embarrassed to talk about it.

All these problems are reported on a daily basis by many institutes and people do understand on how much impact these women have on their quality of life. The options in treatments are just never ending and women have wholeheartedly accepted this proposal into their lives in order to better up their sexual life. It is worth trying self help alternatives in the first place. There are numerous of manners to reduce vaginal dryness and as a result make sexual life much easier and pleasurable.

  • Stay away from intimate washing with soap, bath oils and shower gels which are seen to worsen dryness in women. In its place you can make use of warm water or a soap free cleanser.
  • Try using oil which can replenish these problems in no time without the need of a prescription.

Few women with age tend to lose their sexual desire after the menopause. This is normal for sexual drive to decrease over the years but can even become worse due to sadness and stress.

If few measures do not seem to be useful to you then a hormone treatment is one other alternative for you to overcome with these sexual issues. Hormone replacement remedy lessens down dryness but if in case this therapy this is not apt for you then an estrogen can be applied in the vagina so as to increase the flow of natural lubrication.