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Lovegra- An Easiest Answer for Women’s Sexual Dysfunction

Lovegra is an effective and safest way to reignite the sexual excitement that makes sexual nights even more pleasurable. With Lovegra, the intimacy is at the top of your priority, which keeps you active throughout the lovemaking session.  it can be bought easily through any pharmaceutical stores.

Lovegra is safe to use generic version of Viagra designed especially for women who faces sexual dysfunction.  The Sildenafil Citrate formulation in this medication provides immense pleasurable to a woman derived with sexual satisfaction. This medicine also boosts up the likelihoods of having multiple orgasms.

Below given are some tops sexual health concerns addressed by Lovegra:-

  • Lovegra improves the level of pleasure while performing foreplay
  • Restores lack of sexual desires
  • Increases the level of libido
  • Provides healthy flow of blood and at the same time enlarges the clitoris
  • Exaggerates sexual sensation in women
  • Increases the time and stimulation to reach climax
  • Fortifies orgasm and enhances the possibility of multiple orgasm
  • Adds interest and frequent excitement in sexual activity

How to consume Lovegra?

Lovegra is formulated scientifically to offer intense sexual happiness for women seeking ultimate pleasure. The sildenafil citrate in this medication works amazingly by increasing the flow of blood to the genital area and vaginal compliance, which in turn results in, increased satisfaction during the sexual act. However, to work upon this complete process, this medication takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Thus, women seeking help for sexual dysfunction with Lovegra should gulp down this medicine an hour before starting on with her partner.

To get the finest results, take this pill on an empty stomach or after having a low fat meal. This medication shows its amazing results by keeping a woman active for five to six hours, which is enough for having a pleasurable lovemaking session. To have the maximum results, it is extremely important for a person to get sexually aroused for the act.

The standard dose of this medication is 100 mg which should be taken only once within 24 hours. Over consumption of this medication can lead to unpleasant and harmful side effects

Side effects

Unlike other medicines, taking Lovegra in wrong manner or overdosing it can make women fall prey to minute side effects.  The most common side effects of Lovegra includes facial flushing, stomach ache, headache, nausea, fever, temporary blurry vision, sensitive to light, nausea, diarrhea etc.

However, these are generally mild and do not last longer than few hours. So, if you are looking out for best remedy to treat your sexual dysfunction then Lovegra for women can be a great pick.