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Lovegra Solution for women suffering from Impotency

It’s a myth that erectile dysfunction is only limited to men, even women suffer from this sexual disorder. The symptoms are however different as men and women’s anatomy is different. The symptoms faced by women are low libido, no arousal as well as pain during or after intercourse. There are many causes associated with impotency in women. Stress, sexual dissatisfaction, hormonal changes are some to be mentioned. Researchers have proved that sexual life is important and if not performed up to satisfaction it can create a drift in relationship. Like men have a solution for impotency so do women. There is no need to go for psychotherapy and surgery as they cost a fortune.

Today women can actually treat their sexual dissatisfaction with the help of anti impotency drugs. Lovegra is an anti impotency drug which has been helpful in treating impotency in women. This drug is famously known as the pink pill, and is used to enhance the orgasm in women thus providing immense pleasure during the sexual activity. Lovegra is available in the dosage of 100mg and the major component used in sildenafil citrate.

The reason as to why this takes place in women is due to the loss of blood supply to the female reproductive organ. Women who are unable to achieve orgasm can now definitely last longer in bed with the help of lovegra. It is also common in women that the density of PDE5 enzyme may increase and may lead to sexual dissatisfaction. Lovegra consists of sildenafil which is prohibits the PDE5 enzyme and enhances the cGMP in the body. This enzyme increases the blood flow to the female reproductive organ and is helpful in lubricating the genital area which is able to enhance the acute sexual feelings in a woman.

Lovegra is a drug for women and it should not be consumed by men or children. This drug has to be consumed only once in a day to produce optimum results.