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Magnificent Breakthrough in the Medical Industry, Baby with HIV Deemed to be Cured

The baby, who was born in the rural Mississippi was being treated assertively with antiretroviral medications beginning after 30 hours post birth and this is something that was not done before. If further research shows that this works fine in other babies too, then it will be recommended and advised globally. The United Nations anticipates that around 330,000 babies were infected in the year 2011. Shockingly, over three million kids are living with AIDS all over the world.

If this report is said to be confirmed, then this baby would be the only second well-authenticated case of the treatment in the entire world. This might boost the research aimed to cure something that was impossible a few years ago though certain experts stated that the findings in this baby probably would be irrelevant to adults.

The very first person, who was cured successfully was Timothy Brown also known popularly as the Berlin patient, who was a middle-aged adult suffering from leukemia, who got a bone marrow transplant through a donor who was hereditarily resistant to HIV infection.

In the field of pediatrics, healthcare experts are asserting it as the baby Timothy Brown. It is an evidence of the code that we can treat HIV infection if we are able to replicate this particular case.

Certain outside professionals, who are still unaware of all the stats, stated that they required convincing facts that the baby was truly infected. And, if not then this can be an example of prevention, something which is already being done for babies born to HIV infected mothers. Thus, the one vagueness is truly a definitive proof that the baby was indeed infected with HIV.

Doctors, who treated the baby assert that the baby, whose gender and name were undisclosed was indeed infected. In fact, there were a total of five positive tests conducted on the baby’s very first month of life of which one test was for DNA and the other four were for viral RNA. Further, once the treatment was initiated, the levels of virus the blood of baby decreased in a pattern typical with the infected patients.

There is also a bit of doubt that the baby might have experienced what the doctors say would be a functional care. However, now aged 2 ½ years, the child is off medications for almost a year and without any sign or symptom of active virus.

The mother of the baby arrived in a labor stage at a rural healthcare facility in fall of the year 2010 and delivered prematurely. She didn’t consult any doctor during her pregnancy and also was not aware that she was suffering from HIV.

A Pediatric doctor ordered for two blood samples (DNA and RNA) an hour after for testing the presence of virus.

The tests showed a virus level at around 20,000 copies per milliliter, which was moderately too low for the baby. However, since the tests so prematurely in life were positive, it indicates that the infection took place in her womb instead of occurring during the deliver.

Usually, a newborn baby with infected mother might be administered with a couple of medications as prophylactic preventive measure.

However, the levels of virus decreased with the treatment and become untraceable when the baby turned a month old. This was the case till the baby turned 18 months old and after that mother stopped visiting the hospital.

Later when the baby and mother returned to the hospital after five months, the doctors there anticipated witnessing high levels of virus in the baby, but the tests turned out to be negative. The doctors suspecting some lab error ordered for some more tests. But to their surprise, all the tests turned out to be negative.

So all in all, this miraculous cure has turned out to be the most revolutionary achievement in the medical sector.