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Male Genital Injury and Remedies

A genital damage inside a male is definitely an injury to his penis, testicles, or even the structures inside them. Damages may occur because of trauma, sexual assault, or perhaps a disorder. Since the man’s genitals are exterior to his body they can be easily injured. Accidents can be moderate, from a minor cut or even unintentional strike, to more serious trauma. His genitals are extremely responsive to discomfort or injuries because they get a large bloodstream and neural supply.

The physician must ask the patient about his genital injuries and perform a physical examination. Without having a comprehensive exam, the physician might underestimate the actual extent as well as harshness of damages, particularly in an individual who is youthful, frightened, or even uncooperative.

Long term outcomes will be different based on the reason for the injury. A few injuries, like a cut or even small bruise, might heal totally. Other wounds could cause recurrent infection if there is injury to urinary system, scarring, or even atrophy from the testes. In case the penis was cut off and then stitched back surgically the male might have lowered sensation or erection dysfunction.

Remedy depends upon the intensity and degree of the male genital injury. A man may require:

  1. ice packages and pressure massages to be utilized immediately
  2. rest
  3. big blood pools to be drained
  4. stitches for any slashes
  5. surgery to correct any bowel, or even rectal harm and to deal with problems for example testicular torsion
  6. micro surgery if their organ must be reattached
  7. anti-biotic to deal with or avoid infection
  8. discomfort medicine
  9. supporting jock straps and reduce the pain sensation in the testes
  10. urinary catheter if the urinary system is injured
  11. psychiatric therapy if sexual assault happened