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Men’s Sexual Health – Causes for Drop in Libido

Lack of libido is an upsetting medical condition that may crop up from several issues in a man. Many men often confuse decrease in libido with problems of erectile dysfunction (ED). You must know that men suffering from ED problem do not have to suffer from decreased libido. In fact, ED is simply the body’s inability to attain erection that might cause issues of self-esteem, which can further give rise to lack of sex drive and depression.

Note that sexual wellbeing is an integral part of a man’s overall mental and physical health. Inferior sexual performance can lead a man to refrain or keep distance from his partner, which can put the relationship in jeopardy.


Decreased sex drive in males over 50 is sure a sign of ageing issues. With the increasing age, it is quite normal for a man to suffer from decreased libido. Nevertheless, lack of libido in young males or middle-aged indicates the need for clinical treatment.

For older males particularly those entering or crossing the 50s need to follow proper lifestyle to assure optimum sexual health. Listed below are few reasons that trigger lack of libido in men.

  • Excess consumption of alcohol is one of the primary culprits causing ED or impotency in males all over the globe. Thus, keep a tab on your drinking patterns and you shall come across the factors triggering the entire problem.
  • Further, frequent or regular abuse of illicit substances such as cocaine is also a common reason for decreased libido.
  • Obesity as we know is a serious medical issue and it is a primary root for triggering sexual problems in men. Thus, stay healthy and maintain proper body weight to boost your libido.
  • Hormonal imbalance in your body may also cause decrease in sex drive. Sudden decrease in sex drive is also an indication of excessive or moderate production of the hormones regulated by your pituitary gland.
  • Lack of any physical activities also makes way for various mental and physical problems such as discomfort in body and stress causing problems with sex drive in men.
  • Certain medicines prescribed for problems related to reproduction, prostrate and testicle may cause decreased libido in men.
  • Decreased levels of testosterones might be another vital reason for diminishing sexual drive in males.
  • Some medical problems such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure problems and diabetes may also lower a man’s libido.
  • Workload and stress as well as anxiety, fatigue and confusion are all factors that can cause libido problems in males. Thus, if stress has become a prominent part of your life, then you should take the necessary steps to evade it out as soon as possible from your life.

Relationship issues such as boredom, lack of attraction towards the partner, homosexuality issues, emotional situations, etc are also a few factors that cause decrease in male libido.