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Mini meals are a great way to control weight

Every time you take a resolution to control the calories intake and lose weight and every time you fail to control the craving. Even if you had a healthy nutritious diet plan in place and also seeking advice from a nutritionist, in a weak moment the hunger strikes and you indulge in binge eating.

Skip meals now and indulge in overeating later

This is a very common misconception among the people trying to lose weight. This is so wrong. You are trying to lose weight and keeping an eye on the calories but still nothing is working out. What could be the reason? It is not only important to learn about the number of calories you should intake but equally important is how much calories to eat in one sitting.

So, all those people who skip breakfast and eat big meals in the afternoons are more likely to gain weight than people who have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Remember that whenever you skip meals you will overeat. There is one more reason to support the fact. When you stay hungry for long hours, the blood sugar levels go down and hence you feel hungry. A drop in the blood sugar level could make people go for a high calorie laden food.

Spreading the meals is the key

Your weight loss plan would remain in place if you eat smaller and more frequent meals. This way you would be able to control your cravings and keep your weight in check. When you are consuming fewer calories it is important that you keep consuming smaller portions throughout the day. This will prevent you from starving which is not the goal.  Three meals and a couple of snacks is what should be your ideal eating routine.

Keeping your metabolism steady is also important

This could be achieved if you switch from regular two to three large meals to mini meals normally five or six. This would help your blood sugar levels in control and even help in keeping the metabolism rate of your body good. If for e.g. if the healthy calorie intake for you is 2000, you could go for three meals of 500-600 calories and two 100-200 calories snacks.

Here one thing worth mentioning is that when two persons cannot be equal, so how could the same weight loss plan work for all? You and your friend body type, height, weight all are different. Also while preparing the diet chart, health conditions are also considered. So do not blindly follow the diet plan your friends or family members are following.

For some if consuming 2-3 large meals is working without any divergence from their weight loss plan switching to 5-6 meals will not be good. So it is better that one should seek the advice of a nutritionist or a diet consultant and do not begin on their own.