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Mood Disorders Common Issue in Pregnant Women

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder can be one of the common problems in pregnant women. Sometimes females may simply get scared or too concerned regarding her pregnancy or condition of the fetus. It may be seen in women who are pregnant at a young age or in older age. This can affect the mental state of the females very much. The episodes to panic disorders can be average and short timed. But many women may face it throughout the pregnancy cycle.

It can be dealt with by consulting a psychiatrist or other reliable doctor. Family support is very essential so that the woman can be at peace and find someone to hold on to when she is facing panic disorder. Victims of this disorder may be at a greater risk of depression when they are pregnant.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder may or may not be common to affect pregnant women. But due to panic and other mental conditions that come by during hormonal change, this can come into action. A woman may become extremely moody when she is pregnant. She may be happy sometimes or too depressive at other moments. Sometimes it is hard to define what the woman is going through when she is silent. She might be just facing the Bi polar disorder.

The best treatment for bipolar disorder pregnant women patients is to take them to the reliable doctor who may address this issue with few physical as well as cognitive therapies. It is best t deal with it professionally and not to provide any medication without the prescription of the dosage said to be fine with the doctor.


Stress is the most common culprit in pregnant women. It can be worse if the degree of the stress is too much. The Minor stress attack can be faced by any pregnant woman. But it is necessary to distinguish the level of stress faced by these women. One may have to consult a doctor to know the real cause. Most of the times, it is the growing responsibility and lack of physical activities that may bring stress in pregnant women.

You can make a woman feel less stressed during her pregnancy cycle by positive reinforcements. See to it that her requirements are meted out. She should be at peace and there should be minimal emotional or physical tire out.

Postpartum Depression

This depression is a phase in women after she gives the birth to the child. This can come into effect as she may be too worried about her body condition after she gives birth to the child. A woman may also be too weak after she gives the child the birth and this may concern her. Even the condition of the child can be the cause of worry making her think about it all the time and bring in stress.

It is also the responsibility of the family members to be at her side when she needs it. A proper diet should be followed by the pregnant women in time of pregnancy.