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Natural Home Medications for Low Libido in Women

Luckily, on the other hand, there are a number of natural home medications which will not only boost up your sexual drive but will also augment and lift your mood help and raise your energy intensity as well.


A lot of people are very well acquainted with the phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This for women indeed has come a long way in doing wonders for low sexual drive.

For preparing an apple desert that is regarded as one of the most effectual sexual medicine, you require five apples, honey, and ten drops of rosewater, a bit of saffron, a dash of nutmeg and half tablespoon of crushed cardamom. Peel off the skin of apples and mash them into a fine pulp. Mix honey as per your taste properly so that lumps are not found. Put in the spices and rosewater to make ready the medication for sex drive. You can even add this into your diet for better results.

Almonds for setting you free

Almonds as you all know; are regarded as the most precious thing in treating low sexual constrain as well as male impotency. These can be consumed raw or can even be mixed with milk. Do it anyhow, they are excellent for augmenting the sexual constrain.

Consume at least ten raw and unbaked almonds in your breakfast.  You can even try the simple method by soaking almonds in water during the night, peel off the skin and eat them in the next morning. You can even make a drink out of this by immersing the almonds in a cup of lukewarm milk with a teaspoon of sugar, bit of saffron and pinch of nutmeg. Keep this for overnight and remove the skin. Make a fine paste and include it in your diet.


Dates are a exceedingly intensification foodstuff which have power over the capability on bringing back sexual drive as well as amplifying stamina and advance general vivacity.

Consuming one date each morning helps in fighting with low down libido and sexual weakness. For making a quick mixture of this, take ten fresh dates, two tablespoons of ghee, one teaspoon ginger cardamom and saffron. Soak this mixture in a jar, cover it and store up in a warm area for ten days.