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Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Birth control method describes a cognitive decision which sexual partners make to avoid getting pregnant. Your decision might originate from individual circumstances, health conditions, or all. Many couples select a natural technique as a result of spiritual or individual beliefs. A few natural planning techniques are listed below:

  • Withdrawal also referred to as coitus interruptus. The phallus is actually withdrawn from female organ prior to the male climax. This technique includes a high failing rate simply because sperm might go into the vaginal canal before the male organ is taken away.
  • Douching following sexual intercourse. This requires flushing the actual vagina having a liquid. This process is not extremely effective. Many of the semen keep on to the ovary and may fertilize the actual egg.
  • Rhythm technique. This implies a lady avoids sexual intercourse during the center of the woman’s menstrual period. This process has a higher failure. It should simply be employed by ladies who have normal, predictable series.
  • Modern family. In this technique, as opposed to counting diary days, a lady establishes exactly where she is in her own fertility period by evaluating the position associated with her cervix, the smoothness of the woman’s cervical discharge, as well as her basal body’s temperature. In skilled hands, this process has accomplished up to 96% usefulness in stopping pregnancy — not as higher as a few artificial contraception methods, however significantly greater than other organic strategies or even, normally, compared to barrier techniques.
  • Nursing a baby. This process is not completely reliable in avoiding being pregnant. A back-up way of contraception, for instance a condom, ought to be used.

Barrier methods make use of physical or even chemical inhibitions to keep semen from feeding the woman’s egg cell. Under perfect situations, these techniques have a 3 to 10 % failing rate each year of use.