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Negative Impact of Hasty Weight Loss!!

About 3,500 calories in the body can compose about pounds in the body that can be reduced or burned with the proper diet or exercise.  But it is found that an average person can beat about 2 pounds or overall body weight that too in a week. However there are some of the promising thrash diet that eliminate the weight in quite bigger number that at sometimes add negative impact on your overall body.

Here are some ill effects of quick weight loss:-

Loss of Muscle

When a body of person does not get the sufficient amount of nutrients by the intake of food that is with low calorie or only the liquid diet, a person might get affected to their muscles. Usually, the speedy weight loss in the human body goes hand in hand with loss of muscles.  Fat is not a very effectual supply of oomph or energy to the body but is considered as energy reserve, thus it is used as the last resource of energy.  The loss of muscles actually leads to the lethargic metabolism, which in turn will make the body easier to recoup the additional weight once a person gets back to his normal eating habits.

Loosening of Skin

As the body is like a balloon that gets stretched out when blown with the weight and shrinks in after getting the weight out. Same goes with your body, hasty weight loss will cause the loosening of the skin which is generally noticeable near the tummy and the arms.


People with thrash dieting restrain their level of water intake that protects bloating that at the end creates dehydration. This can lead to the complexities like lack of energy, dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea kidney stones.


Long fasting or the sudden loss in weight can cause imbalance in the level of cholesterol and can create salt bile in the gallbladder. This at last leads to the formation of gall stones. Apart from this, nausea and vomiting, gallstones can also cause abnormal pain in the upper abdomen or between the shoulders.

Thus before getting into a thrash diet, go through their ill effects rather you can go gym and reduce the excess fats with the regular exercise.