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New Year Resolution – Recipes to Save Money

A wise man said that the money attracts more money and it should never be left lying in bank fixed deposits, it should always be invested. There are various ways that can help you save more money which you never even thought of. It’s very frustrating that at the end of the month when you are completely broke and feel like having a beer with friends and do not have money, or you do not sufficient amount I your pocket to pay your rent or mobile bills.

Saving money is a habit and it has to be developed by making some changes to your lifestyle and making smart decisions.

Here are a few tips that will put that extra penny in your pocket at the end of the month when you need it the most:

Carry Cash instead of Credit Cards: It’s a psychic kick that sets in when you actually pay in cash for your grocery shopping but it always works, make an effort to carry cash when you go shopping as this will help you keep track of how much money you had in pocket and how much you spent, whereas it’s difficult to this with credit cards. You will only realize this when you will be shocked to see the credit card bill at the end of the month.

Save first, spend later: Try to control your expenses at the starting of the month, this is what my grandma used to teach my dad and I got it from there. This helps in a way when you actually save in the initial days of the month; you end up saving more money at the end of the month, control the unnecessary expenses at the beginning of the month.

Eat Inside: This is one of the biggest money leaks which will definitely create a big hole in your pocket. Eating at home is healthier as compared to eating outside and it also saves money.

There are many other ways to saving money like investing in retirement plans, buying systematic investments pans….keep visiting this place for more tips on money saving.