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Nutritious Snack Choices for Pregnant Women

Healthy eating habits plays a major role among a pregnant women, as her each servings has an effect on what goes for a pre-matured child. Thus, it is extremely essential to have a nutritious diet during carrying days.

Convenience food that tastes yummy is one of the treats of modern living.Unfortunately, many of them are filled with preservatives and other unhygienic ingredients you should stay away during pregnancy.  But besides this, there are certain healthy foods that are genuinely healthy for you, particularly if you are looking out for a easy snack or light meal to tide over until your full meal.

Below are some healthy nutritious snack choices that a pregnant women can have few hours before meal.

  • Raisins: Having 1 ½ ounce of raisins between meals can boost up potassium, fiber and iron, thereby reduces the hunger cravings.
  • Fruits: Grab an orange, pear, apple, banana or any of your favorite fruit. By having four ounce of fruit cups daily can complete your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy,
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a convenient and nutritious filled food that provides about 25 % of your daily calcium required.  Besides this, it also contains several necessary proteins, minerals, vitamins and probiotics- the essential bacteria that helps digestion and prevents your digestive tract. Thus, just 6 ounce of yogurt served as a snack can add many nutritional properties into your diet.
  • Trail mix:  Take handful of your favorite dried fruits or nuts (try dried cranberries, almonds, cherries and walnuts) and add a cup of whole grain cereal to it.  Keep this crunchy snack handy in your car or desk.
  • Baby carrots: Carrots are full of fiber and essential vitamin A.  You can mix them in yogurt or hummus for adding up extra dose of nutrition or you can add a flavor mixing it as a salad dressing.  you can also have a quick dinnertime stir- fry veggies by using prewashed veggies like cauliflower, spinach and broccoli.
  • Orange juice refreshed with vitamin D and calcium: Just half a glass of orange juice provides 15 % of your calcium requirements and half the daily needs of vitamin C.  While looking out for an orange juice, check the labels for maximum fortification of vitamin D and Calcium on the juice you are willing to buy.

Apart from this, avoid soda, rather opt for nutritious drinks like fruit juice, low- fat milk or simply water.  Packaged ramen noodles are also a non- healthy food specially for pregnant ladies. Besides this, frozen prepared meals or shelf stable commercial lunches should also be avoided as these serves as non health food choices for carrying women.