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Older Women Are the Most Hit With Dreadful Breast Cancer

A recent study says published two days back said that old aged women diagnosed with breast cancer after their last session of mammogram and those women who never had a mammogram showed an increased risk of falling to death due to their cancer. A research team even analyzed detailed information from around 10,000 women in the United States who were diagnosed with breast cancer in their life.

The investigators even stated that around 27 percent of the women across the globe who had their last mammogram which was six years before being diagnosed with breast cancer showed up advanced cancer in them as compared to those 19 percent of the women who had a mammogram seven months to a year prior to their diagnose session. The results show a vital divergence which could have its effect in huge numbers of women as per to the researchers.

The research team even found out that a lengthy interval session between a mammogram and breast cancer diagnosis was linked with a higher risk of mortality rate due to breast cancer in women aged above 70 or older. The study even stated that women falling in this age group who never had a mammogram after five or six years increased their chances of falling to death highly.

A mammogram is an X-ray test of examination of the breast, which detects and assesses changes in the breast. Previously, X-ray tests were used to analyze the breast tissue nearly but with the increased development in technology, special equipment’s i.e. x-ray machines were designed and used only breast imaging. Since then, today mammogram is much advanced and is far different from those, which were used in the previous times.

It is even said that older women have a unique biological kind of breast cancer, which is called as lower estrogen receptor luminal that supports observations, which on the other hand seem to have different kind of behavior in every woman.

Breast cancer is one of the most talked topics in the recent times and this is due to the increasing rates in women. This is diagnosed across the globe however the amount of women diagnosed with all new breast cancer is 23 percent whereas nearly 12 percent of all female cancer deaths were reported in the year 2009. Apart from this, there was a majority of the women suffering with breast cancer who were above the age of 65 to 70 and that nearly showed up to 40 percent increase in the death rate.

Causes of breast cancer

Though the causes of breast cancer are not fully understood, given below are a few reasons on why a woman may fall to breast cancer in her life. There are some things known as risk factors, which could drastically change the probability that someone might perhaps put up with breast cancer.

Age is one such factor, which could lead to breast cancer in a woman, as she gets old. This is one of the most common occurring disorders in women above the age of 50 and who has passed menopause. Nearly 10 percent of the women who tend to put up with this dreadful disorder are all above the age of 50. These women must be screened for breast cancer for every three years or with a gap of six months.

Family history could be one big reason for breast cancer in women. There might perhaps be a huge risk of developing breast cancer in women due to a bad family history. On the other hand, this is a common type of cancer and could occur in any members of the family.

Breasts have millions of small glands in it, which produce milk. This glandular tissue has a higher concentration of breast cells as compared to other tissues, which further makes it more solid. This could make it tough while scanning during mammogram. A dense breast has a higher risk of developing with cancer, as there are cells, which turn out to be cancerous.