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Passive Smoking – Hidden Threat to our Health

Since years, we are hearing it from medical professionals from all across the globe as how lethal passive smoking is. In case you can recall about the famous entertainer named Roy Castle, who expired due to cancer caused to him by passive smoking. He used to play trumpets in pubs all over the nation where folks used to smoke very often. I believe that this instance should suffice the reason as why it is advisable to avoid both active and passive smoking.

In case you are a parent and smoke, then you must know that how much chemicals the smoke contains that your kids inhale when you smoke around them. The chemicals stay in your breathe for long time post you light your last cigarette. Thus, even if you are stepping outside the house for a quick smoke, you still are causing harm to kids at home when you come back.

There is a huge number of chemical evidences that urge smokers to quit smoking for good, but passive smoking takes almost the same number of lives as that of active smoking. So stop smoking right away for good.

A few quick facts of passive smoking:

  • Passive smoking may boost the chances of health problems and cancers
  • In kids, passive smoking augments the odds of asthma.
  • When a person smokes in a room, smoke tends to stay in for around 2 to 2 and half hours even if you keep the windows open.
  • Passive or secondhand smoking consists of around 4000 chemicals of which many are irritants and toxins. These can cause cancer.
  • Regular exposure to passive smoking may also cause coronary heart problems, asthma, throat cancer and lung cancer. Talking about health problems, it might cause angina or heart attacks in few people. Further, the chances of stroke too increase.
  • Kids tend to be more prone to the health risks of passive smoking. A few health issues may cause problems such as cot death or sudden death of the infant primarily in infants.
  • Other child health issues consist of pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. There is also a possibility of kids to suffer from severe respiratory infections. Kids staying in passive smoking area are more prone to suffer from cold and cough or hearing problems.

Lastly, if a kid grows in a house where either of the parents smokes are more prone to take up smoking in their lives. Parents all over face a real tough time to inform the kids to avoid smoking when they themselves are kicking the butts.

Thus, for the kids to nourish in healthy environment, which is free from cigarette smoke has become a necessity.

If you are a parent and smoke, then you are not only risking your life but also the health of your kids and other folks at home.

So think about these facts when you light up that deadly stick the next time!