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Peace with Peas a Healthy Option for you

The sweet green pods that you include in our diet are none other than peas. It is an ancient vegetable and is a versatile legume. It is grown in regions that are semi tropical. It is an herbaceous vine. It comes from Fabaceae family and has Pisum sativum as its scientific name. It has many health benefits.

It grows quickly and has edible seeds that are smooth it is delicate and tender. You can use it in green salad and also soups. People even use it for cooking many other dishes. It is simply an amazing add on to many preparations.

Benefits of Green Peas for Health

  • Green peas contain minerals and many vitamins. They contain phyto-nutrients and also anti oxidants. They are very rich for your health. They are also leguminous vegetable that are nutritious.
  • They have fewer calories as compared to cowpeas and beans. They have approximately 81 calories in every 100 gram. Moreover they do not even have cholesterol content. They even possess insoluble fiber and also soluble ones. They even have protein in them.
  • Green peas that are fresh contain folic acid. They have high level of folates and also other nutrients. You can also fun B complex vitamins. It is important for synthesis of DNA in your cells. It is said through research that folate containing food items is very nice for mothers who are expecting a child. It prevents defects of neural tube in the babies who are newborn.
  • It also has ascorbic acid. This is basically vitamin C. It can provide you 67% of body’s daily requirement of this vitamin. Vitamin C is water soluble powerful anti oxidant. There are some vegetables as well that contain it. It is best to fight infectious agents. It also rids the body off free radicals that are pro-inflammatory.
  • Green peas also have phytosterols and sitosterol. Research proves that these help in reducing cholesterol level in your body. So it is good for people who face high cholesterol problem.
  • Green pods are also rich in vitamin K. it is also known as phylloquinone. It can help in building osteotrophic activity of the bone. It helps in building the strength of bones. It also can aid patients of Alzheimer’s diseases as it limits neuronal brain damage.
  • It also has flavonoids like lutein, carotenes and zea-xanthin. Vitamin A which is very essential for maintain the mucus membranes of your eye and skin is found in green peas. It can prevent oral and lung cavity and cancer respectively.
  • Green peas also have calcium and iron. It is very beneficial for bones and blood system. It also has essential zinc, copper and manganese. These are also good for growth of cell. You will also get niacin, pyridoxine and pantothenic acid in it. It is quite useful for your body.