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Persona of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Patient

Lack of accountability is considered as the most destructive and alarming signs of a narcissistic personality disorder. It is very strong sign of a person who is suffering from it. This disorder if noticed in a person, the signs that he may experience are, he/she will always be confused, may feel foggy and unsafe. The conversation can go real bad if the person with who are dealing with suffers from this personality disorder and this happens when this person is unable to take responsibility and does not wish to be held account table for. People who suffer from this disorder can go up to any extent and use their tools so that they do not have to accept their fault.

A Heads up for people to identify themselves with this disorder:

This disorder can be noticed if the person who suffers from it does not accept their mistake and does not like to hold accountable for anything. It is possible that such person may go for any tactic and can employ any kind of defense system just to evade accountability.

Some Defense traits people who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • These people are very good at making excuses and especially the ones which are not valid.
  • They can blame others for any kind of wrongdoing and are capable of accusing anyone.
  • People who suffer from this disorder are good at shifting focus of other people and can create confusion.
  • These people can project others and also state that what they did wrong in the past, even when the situation is not related to present.
  • The accusations of the past have to be dealt with when dealing with such people; they can also make you feel that you are terrible human being.
  • The people with this disorder are good at denying and will point it out that it is your fear and insecurities that actually lead to such accusations.

A narcissist will exhibit such traits and can shift the blame to someone else. These people always avoid accountability at all costs and will never accept their mistakes.