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Piles: All You Wanted To Know

What are Piles?

Everyone has hemorrhoids. When these get excessively inflamed, it becomes a health problem. These inflamed hemorrhoids are referred to as piles.

What are the Common Symptoms of Piles?

Men and women are found to be equally susceptible to piles. In many cases, people are not even aware they suffer from piles. They do not experience any symptoms.

Yet those who suffer from piles do often experience some common symptoms. Here we have listed a few of the most common symptoms of piles.

You may experience a hard lump around the anus. This lump includes a coagulated blood vessel referred to as thrombosed external hemorrhoid.
You may see bright red colored blood when you pass your bowels.
After you visit the toilet, you may still continue to feel that your bowel is full.
There may be discharge of mucus when you pass your bowels.
You may also suffer from itchiness in the area of the anus.
Your anus may become sore and red.
You may suffer from pain while defecating.
You may have to strain while you pass your stools.

Why Do Piles Occur?

There could be various causes that may increase the probability of you getting piles. Here we have listed a few of the common factors that may lead to piles.

Anal intercourse can lead to inflammation of veins.
If you suffer from chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea, both may lead to piles.
Overweight or obese people are more prone to piles.
Some people are more prone to developing piles during pregnancy.
If you frequently lift heavy weights, it can also lead to piles.
Straining while in a toilet can also lead to swelling of the hemorrhoids.

How does the doctor diagnose Piles?

Here are a few common questions the doctor will ask you if he wants to diagnose piles. These will help him detect piles easily.

Do you have anyone in your family or among your close relatives who suffers from piles?
Did you observe any mucus in your stools?
What is the color of your stools?
Did you observe blood in your stools?
Did you recently lose weight?

How can you deal with Piles Yourself?

There are several different options to treat piles. Here we have listed a few of the common treatments that are popular.

Diet Change: Diet change may drastically help you counter the problem of piles. If you suffer from this disease, here are some suggestions for you.

Increase the daily consumption of water. This can help you solve your problem.
You may be advised to avoid spicy foodstuffs.

Manage Bodyweight: Obese and overweight people are more prone to this problem. If you manage your weight, it may help you counter piles to a great extent.