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Pre-indications of Anemia in Males

Anemia builds up when the blood in the body do not have sufficient amount of normal and healthy red blood cells. Moreover, if the red blood cells or RBCs do not have ample amount of hemoglobin, then men may prone to anemia. The RBCs transport oxygen to other parts of the body.  The diminish level of oxygen carrying ability of the blood is medically termed as anemia.

Host of reasons can hit anemia in males. It even produces some sorts of warning signs that may assist you in making a better diagnosis. If the level of hemoglobin lacks in the red blood cells, then the body falls short of oxygen. However, the signs take place because the body doesn’t get what they require to work out optimally.

Pointers Below Are Some Symptoms Of Anemia In Males

  • Malaise
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Reduced attentiveness.
  • Panting for breath and wheezing is a significant symptom.
  • Shivering is also noticed in most cases
  •  Irregular claudicating of the legs is observed in extreme cases.
  • The skin consistently appears very pale and at times flushed.
  • When the anemia is severe, the heart rate becomes fast, the heart may enlarge and the pulse rate also becomes rapid.
  • Urge to eat not food elements like grass, mud, paper, wax, ice and hair.
  • Increased sweating, vomiting, swelling of the legs, bruising, heart burn, blood in stool are also often seen.

However, it can also be treated by pursuing some useful curing ways, have a look below:-

  • Iron deficiency anemia can be a cause of anemia.  Iron supplements and dietary prescriptions can be taken so as to manage anemia in men. Find out the source of bleeding and start the medication immediately. Go for foods that are plenty in iron. This includes apricots, dates, lentils, raisins, prunes, molasses, oysters, liver, beet, fenugreek, spinach and other iron rich foods.
  • Avoid antacids, tea and coffee as these foods reduces the absorption of iron.
  • If you are going through aplastic anemia transfusion of blood is essential to boost up the level of RBC. In some of the cases, doctors even recommend bone marrow transplant.
  • In the anemia that hits due to lack of vitamins, injections of vitamin B 12 and folic acid has to be given to the patients.
  • If the complication is chronic, the underlying cause of anemia has to be treated very efficiently. In the extreme condition, blood transfusion may be required.

However, consult your doctor of advice and get it treated immediately.