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Precautionary Measures for Hair Fall

There are several factors that trigger hair loss. But most probably, it is caused due to deficient circulation of blood towards the scalp.  Other possible reasons behind hair fall include:

  • Tension or stress
  • Too much of work
  • Poor diet
  • Illness
  • Recreational bleaching
  • Over-exposure to the sun
  • Perming hair
  • Too frequent and clumsy use of rinses, dyes, or other colorants

Below given are some preventive ways for hair fall:

  • Make a practice of shampooing on a regular basis. Clean scalp helps in keeping a healthy scalp.
  • Making use of Brahmi amla oil also promotes hair growth.
  • Ensure that you are consuming 10 to 12 glasses of water daily.
  • Protein rich diet with lots of green vegetables, dairy products and fruits is must.
  • Wash your hair at least twice in a week with a very mild shampoo and then moisturize it with a conditioner. Moreover, when you apply conditioner see that you douse your hair thoroughly, if not, the residue buildup will make your hair appear dull and limp.
  • Lack of vitamin B can also contribute hair loss. Not only this, it also causes dandruff and color loss that encourages grey hair. Thus, for building up essential gloss, thickness and color of hair make certain that your diet comprises of vitamin B.
  • Iron content is important as well. Limp of hair, brittleness or slow hair growth defines iron deficiency. Iron rich foods comprises of egg yolks, red meat, dried fruit like raisins and prunes, leafy greens- collards, spinach, other stuffs like beans, soybeans, chick peas chicken giblets, etc.
  • ZINC helps averting graying of hair and hair fall. Usually, people who are obese tend to have deficiency of iron, which also states that the level of iron inversely depends on the BMI (body mass index) on an individual.  Hence, if you are overweight and suffering from the problem of hair loss, then you may have to increase your consumption of foods containing zinc.  Foods made from wholegrain flour or stone ground has rich amounts of zinc.
  • VITAMIN C promotes the health of capillaries which in turn helps in supplying blood to hair follicles. Thus, ensure that your diet is full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Besides this, VITAMIN E helps in hair growth. To increase the proportion of vitamin E in your diet switch from refines flours to wheat grams, whole meal, vegetable oil, eggs etc.
  • Studies have revealed that foods including copper stops chronic problem of hair fall. You can find minute yet important amounts of copper in whole milk, beans, peanuts, cashew nuts etc.

If you still don’t find any improvement signs, then consult a dermatologist immediately.