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Prevention and Diagnosis of HIV

What can be done to prevent HIV?

Despite the fact that safer intercourse cannot totally protect an individual from HIV, it may reduce the chance. Contraceptives assist in preventing moving along the computer virus. Research within laboratories indicates that a spermicide kills or even stops the development of HIV. However, there aren’t yet any kinds of studies which prove spermicides avoid HIV infection in people. Some specialists do think that using spermicide on the condom or placing it in to the vagina may kill a few HIV microorganisms before they are able to infect the girl. It is most secure to stop sexual activity with people who’ve HIV infection or unfamiliar HIV standing and people who make use of IV medicines.

An individual shouldn’t share fine needles, syringes, or any other drugs that could have tainted bloodstream or fluids with anybody. When taking care of someone in situations, it is essential to put on gloves to safeguard against HIV from secretions.

A woman, who’s pregnant or even, considering conceiving a child, should request her physician to test for HIV. If a lady has HIV, steps could be taken while pregnant and delivery to prevent moving it in her child.

How is HIV diagnosed?

Our bodies create antibodies to battle away HIV. HIV is generally diagnosed through blood assessments called antibody titer assessments. The molecule immunoassay, or EIA, can be used as a testing test. If the test is actually positive, the HIV western blot check is conducted to verify the identification. Herpes may also be discovered by screening for virus-like proteins by doing bloodstream cultures. Additional tests might be ordered to assist diagnose problems of HIV infection, for example pneumonia.

Negative assessments don’t always imply that an individual is free from infection. Months might move after contact with the virus prior to antibodies can be discovered in your body.