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Proper Diet for Curing the Troubles of Erectile Dysfunction

About 15 to 35 million men are affected with the troubles of impotency i.e. Erectile Dysfunction.  Though, if you believe that only older men fall prey to this sort of annoying disorder, but the fact is that with the hectic lifestyle even younger boy suffer from this terrifying condition.

Well the researches have shown the common symptoms in men with impotency that they have lower self esteem, they perform poorly at their work place and they have high risk of depression. Not only this, these men even have to face family as well as marital problems. However, going through a proper diet can naturally help in curing the impotency problems.

Diet for Treating Impotence Problems:

  • Reduce the Cholesterol:  Consuming the diet with low cholesterol will help in keeping the arteries fit and healthy.  Avoid having animal based foods as it obstructs the arteries in the genital area and thus causes erectile functions.
  • Lessen the intake of fats:   fats block the flow of blood required for the desired erections.  So restrain from fatty stuffs or deserts processed foods as they contain lots of fat.
  • Consume fibrous food:  Grains, vegetables and fruits have rich components of fiber. It helps in cleaning out the body system and at the same time it also helps in recovering the impotency condition.  Keep your diet balanced, simple and fresh.  Blueberries, spaghetti, strawberries, oatmeal peas and whole grain have high amounts of fiber.
  • Portions of lunch and dinner:  go for a heavy lunch but ensure that your dinner is light.
  • Lots of water:  Since the constitute of water in the body is 75 %, thus your body needs lots of water thus make sure you have at least eight glasses each day.  Water also helps in detoxifying the body system.
  • Exercise:  well, you might know how important it is to exercise for a healthy diet.  So, don’t be indolent when it comes to workouts as it actually helps in combating the impotency problems. If you have not yet started any kind of exercises then it is the great time to commence now, go for simple 15 minutes walk as it can also be fruitful.