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Proper Facial Skin Care Tips For Men

Many of the men think that skin care is only for girls. Apart from shaving, you might even not think about your skin much. On the other hand, taking good care of your skin is one of the most vital parts for your present and future. This is why taking utmost care of your skin is extremely important. These guidelines for sure will lend a hand in keeping your skin glowing that too in shape devoid worrying much about this.

Rinse it

When it comes to proper skin care then this step merely takes only a few minutes a day. Simply wash your face at least twice a day with a mild face wash that is soap free and rinse it with cold water. Make sure that you do not use hot water on your face very often as this might bring damage to your skin. Stay away from using fragrance soap on your face as the products included in this can make your skin dry very quickly.

Wash your face and pat dry with a clean towel. You can even wash your face with a facial cleanser as this works very well into the skin and removes off the dead cells from it.  Massage this on your face in a circular motion for five minutes. This will help in cleaning the pores and at the end makes your skin look fresh.

After cleansing your face is a nice way to keep your skin free from all the harmful chemicals that gets stuck on the skin. Gently rub the lotion on your face and if in case you are allergic to aromas or scents then you can make use of a sent free facial lotion that especially comes to men.


The harsh rays of the sun and stormy winds can make your skin dry and damage the skin completely. Apply a sunscreen lotion that comes with an SPF 15 or more than that as this will lend a hand in blocking the ultraviolet rays of the sun from hitting directly your skin. Apply wholly on the face including ears and other sensitive parts. You can even use sunscreen made with aloe substitutes and directly moisturize on the skin.


Shaving could become hard on our face so it is important that you do this in a right way. Before you apply shaving foam, make sure that you coat hot water on the face and allow the shaving cream to rest for some time. Use single blade always as double blades cut your beard very short and causes a skin rash. After this step, use a shaving lotion in order to make the whiskers soft. This will help in reducing the irritation on the face as well as a burning sensation that men usually experience.